Vortex-SE Vertical Wind Profiles

  • Research assistant for Dr. Paul Markowski analyzing data from the VORTEX-SE project.
  • Analyzed low-level wind fields around supercells using Lidar vertical profiler.
  • Paper accepted for publication in AMS journal “Monthly Weather Review” (MWR).


  • Analyzed the impact of land surface models on the accuracy of the Warn-On-Forecast system.
  • Gave an oral presentation on this research at the 2018 AMS Conference in Austin, TX.
  • Research conducted through the Hollings Scholarship Program internship in the National Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman, OK.

Penn State University Storm Shelter Map

  • Volunteered for the Penn State Office of Emergency Management and Emergency Management Club creating a map of campus identifying buildings which could serve as storm shelters.

Whither the 100th Meridian: The Once and Future Physical and Human Geography of America’s Arid-Humid Divide

For additional projects, please see my Resume and CV.

Below are videos describing a few of my research projects.

A video describing my NOAA Hollings research.
A short video describing the 100th Meridian project.